1085 Laguna Canyon Rd, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


A Special Thank You!

We would like to thank all of our donors, listed below for their generous contributions that keep the doors of LB Boys & Girls Club open and enables us to offer the incredible array of programs to our children and teens.

We Certainly Couldn’t Do It Without Your Support!

Contact our Chief Development Officer Michelle Fortezzo at michellef@bgclaguna.org or (949) 715-7584 to get started!

Thank you to our Lifetime Giving Society Donors

These donors demonstrate a deep commitment to our Club by contributing a significant amount over their lifetime. These caring individuals are improving the future of our community by providing critical resources to help our Club implement successful programs and serve more young people.

Assistance League of Laguna
Bob and Kirsten Whalen
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Butler Family Foundation
Carl Hagmier
Chantal Leduc
Charitable Ventures
City of Aliso Viejo
City of Laguna Beach
Cox Communications
Craig and Amy Nickoloff
Crean Foundation
Dave Stone
David and Holly Wilson
Diamond Resorts International
Dick Lusk
Donnie Crevier and Laurie Kraus
Draper Family Foundation
Festival of Arts Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Gary and Betsy Jenkins
Harry and Sue Bithell
Hexberg Family Foundation
Jaffe Family Foundation
Jim and Vicki Click
Joe and Gwen Ziomek
Karen Jaffe
Keith Swayne
Laguna Beach Community Foundation
Laguna Beach Unified School District
Lee Butler
Linda S. Saville
Louis Weil and Meghan MacGillivray Weil
M. Douglas Trust
Marisla Foundation
Massen Greene Foundation
Milt Naylor
Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center
Montage Laguna Beach
Nancy Farrand
Nancy Myers
O.L. Halsell Foundation
Orange County Community Foundation
Orange County United Way
Pacific Life Foundation
Peter and Ginny Ueberroth
Peter and Helen Maxwell
Peter and Nicole Anderson
Philo and Diane Smith
Phyllis and David Phillips
Ray and Sandra Wirta
RBC Foundation USA
School Power
Schwab Charitable Fund
Small Business Association
State Street Foundation
Sue Gross Foundation
The William and Mary Ross Foundation
Theda & Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation
Tom and Martha Davis
Tuttle-Click Automotive Group
Ueberroth Family Foundation
United States Department of the Treasury
Weingart Foundation
Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC
William Gillespie
William Gillespie Foundation
William Gross and Amy Schwartz
William, Jeff and Jennifer Gross Family Foundation
Wilson Automotive Group

Thank you to our Heritage Club Donors

This national recognition group acknowledges the thoughtful individuals who have included the Boys & Girls Clubs of Laguna Beach in their estate plans. By providing a pipeline for future financial security, Heritage Club members ensure that our Club will continue to provide vital programs and guidance for youth in the future.

Peter & Nicole Anderson

Terry Anne Barman

Dan & Jenifer Burge

Dorene & Lee Butler Family Foundation

Mary E.F. Rachel Church

Donnie Crevier

Lelia C. Crevier

Brian Dessin Day

William & Christine Dolan

Damien Enriquez

Pamela & Tyrrell Estes

S. Brent Farhang

Bill & Mary Fischer

Keith & Julie Gallo

Mike & Laurie Hefty

Joan & David Howard

Mike & Lynne Lake

Kathryn Langston

Kelly & Jim Mazzo

Kay Metis & Mael Metis

John D. Morrissey

Margaret R. Murdy Trust

John Prichard

Christopher M. Quilter

April L. Rath

Michelle Ray

Michael & Carrie Reynolds

Ann & Stanley Roth

Monica & Anthony Silva

Donna L. Snow

Art & Kit Spaulding Living Trust

Iva Swayne

Keith & Judy Swayne

Bali Thorn

Peter & Ginny Ueberroth

Piero & Kristy Wemyss

Bob & Kirsten Whalen

Bill & Sharon Wood

Thank you to our Donors—A tiered list

The Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach would like to thank all of our donors. No amount is too small to have an impact to on our youth.

Platinum Donors

Peter and Nicole Anderson
Terry and Kristie Anderson
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Clifford and Jennifer Cheng
Carrie Click
Jim and Vicki Click
Cox Charities
Donnie Crevier and Laurie Kraus
Hexberg Family Foundation
Jatain Foundation
Mark and Constance Callan Karpenko
Laguna Beach Community Foundation
Marisla Foundation
Massen Greene Foundation
Nancy Myers
Al & Jane Nahmad Family Foundation
Craig and Amy Nickoloff
O.L. Halsell Foundation
Jena and Chase Offield
Offield Family Foundation
Orange County Community Foundation
Phyllis and David Phillips
RBC Foundation USA
School Power
Schwab Charitable Fund
Sue Gross Foundation
United States Department of the Treasury
US Bank Foundation
Louis Weil and Meghan MacGillivray Weil

Silver Donors

Tom and Christy Addis
Aetna Foundation
American Endowment Foundation
Cherie and Tom Aplin
Applied Medical
BackSwing Golf Event
Joe Baker
Greg Baker
Rick Balzer
Bank of America Charitable Foundation- Matching Gifts
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Kevin and Becky Barnard
Keri and Paulo Barriga
Kay Becknell Jones
Constance Belda
Benevity Inc.
Sarah and Jared Benson
Brad and Erica Berberian
Brian Bergen
Beau and Brandee Bianchi
Dain and Maeve Blanton
Burge Energy
Michael and Cassandra Calkins
David and Suzanne Carroll
Chamberlain Consulting Group
Richard Chang
Steve and Seanne Contursi
Bobbi Cox
CR&R Incorporated
Bernadette Cumming
Diane Cuniff
David Schwartz Foundation, Inc.
Mark and Kayla DeBellis
Bill and Tina Dolan
Cleo Dougherty
Anne Marie Doyle
Pam and Ty Estes
Kasey and Brian Fahey
Gabriel Farao
Andre Fertig
Mark & Michelle Foley
Ted and Linda Fouts
Howard Fox
Frost Gelato at Irvine Spectrum
Keith and Julie Gallo
Denis Gibbs
Priscilla Marie Gibbs
Warren and Christina Haines
Leif Hanson
Hanson Family Foundation
Chuck and Jeannie Harrell
Mary Jo Hausman
Hightower Advisors
Ron Holt
Dr. John and Tanya Hovanesian
Chris Huizenga
Margaret Hutchinson and Randy Trost
Joe and Susan Jahraus
Cameron Jalbert
Jewish Communal Fund
Nicholas Johnston
Karyn and Damon Shelly
Terry Kelleman
Doug and Sommer Killian
Kiwanis Club of Lake Forest Foundation
Dr. Sten and Liz Kramer
Laguna Presbyterian Church
Donna Lampe
Julie Perlin Lee and David Lee
Mary E Lee and Jay Schusterman
Marshall and Joyce Linn
Jill and Bobby Lockart
Greg and Barbara MacGillivray
Melinda and Pierre Masson
Masson Family Foundation
Michael Mays
Adaleen McHale
John and Kim Melikian
Michael Rakestraw and Susan Benner
Shojiro Miki
Mary and Bob Miller
Dan and Beth Morefield
Mike and Arnetta Mossmer
Ryan Murawksi
Jennifer Nastanski
National Community Renaissance (National CORE)
National Philanthropic Trust
Duggan and Deborah Neville
Elizabeth Ng and Joe Meyers
Mara and Jake Nicholl
Jane Olson
Orange County Department of Education (OCDE)
Orange County United Way
Yesi and Alexandria Orihuela
Iv and Andrew Pawling
Elizabeth Hanauer and Paul Pohoresky
Vishard Ragoonanan
Dr. Farzan Rajput
Jeffrey Redeker
Ray Redfern
Redfern Gallery
Tom and Maya Redwitz
Kemp and Marsha Richardson
Matt Rock
Louis and Laura Rohl
Stephen and Jennifer Roop
Aaron Rosen
Ross Stores, Inc.
Rotary Club of Laguna Beach
Maggie and Earl Russell Charitable Foundation
Kent and Christine Russell
Linda S. Saville
Kathleen Schaefer
Sharon Schendel
Selina and Kenneth Scott
Chris Scott
Glenn Shortt
Adam and Kimberly Smith
Amos and Kimberly Smith
William Sommerville
Hayley and Daniel Spain
Jason and Kathie Steris
Steve Becsi
Tamara and Isidro Tanner
Virginia Templeton
The Reserve Investments
The Roberta Freeman Cox Charitable Foundation
The Termite Guy
Union Bank Foundation
US Bank – National Association
Melissa and David Vemilya
Tim and Lea Vermilya
Lauren and Daniel Wacholder
Waste Management
Tim and Audrey Welch
Bob and Kirsten Whalen
Dr. Jon I White
Donna Wilczek
William David Sommerville Foundation
Jim and Cheryl Zakhar
Tony Powrzanas and Parisa Zarbafian

Bronze Donors

Lisa Abaid
Abbott Laboratories – EGC
Lena Abdelahad
Travis Agle
Josh Ahrens
Leah Albagli
Mathew Alexander
Dan and Holly Allan
Daphne Alt
Ash and Leah Alvandi
AmazonSmile Foundation
George and Barbara Ampagoomian
Mandy Anderson
Molly Anderson
Carolyn Anderson
Anderson Law Group
Jay and Gertrud Andrus
Ara Anoshiravani
George Arambula
Jason and Lorrie Acrese
Blanca Arelano
Richard Arum
Kelly Ashby
Ashwill Investments
August Real Estate Enterprises
Erica and Damon Austin
Ayco Charitable Foundation
William Babcock
Linda Bagatourian
Julie and Tom Bailey
Kim Bailey
Lisa Baker
Darren and Lisa Baker
Jeff Baker
Nicole and Mike Balsamo
Katelynn Baptista
Kevin Bayless
Tammella Becker
Brian and Michelle Benham
Laura and Dan Benson
Bill Berndt
Daniel Bibb
Harry and Sue Bithell
Ward Blackburn
David Bloom
Jeffrey and Martha Blue
Staci Blythe
Lauren Boeck
Jim and Camilla Boka
Marc bonfeld
Kelly and Michelle Boyd
Rodney and Pam Boyd
Dennis and Choo Choo Boyer
Jeffrey Boyle
Chrysteen Braun
Gary and Kelly Bridge
Raymond Briggs
Kelsi Briggs
Paul Brinkman
Noile Brock
Sonya Broner
Jon Brooker
Russel Bunim
Kristin Bunn
Brett and Tori Burge
Nancy and David Bushnell
Joel Bushong
Brian and Jean Caldwell
Heather Callahan
Jon and Carly Calmes
John and Diane Campbell
Bob and Brigid Canastro
Nick and Kristi Cancellieri
Stacie and Rob Capobianco
Frank and Robyn Cardone
Patty Carpenter
John and Elizabeth Carpino
Dennis Carruth
Linda Carter
Faye Cartmale
Tania and Steve Cassill
Dan Joseph Castillo
Brandon Caviello
Esther Cervantes
Butch and Eileen Chadick
Don and Marybeth Chapman
Kat Chen
Ron and Frances Chilcote
Julie Cho
Kelsey Chriss
Christeen Amloian
Christine M. Devarenne Property
Judi and Jim Chudzicki
Doug and Kathy Cirbo
Claire Anderson
Teryn Clarke
David Clements
Greg Clemmer
Wayne and Patricia Cody
April Coffman
Larry Cohen
Jakob Colladay
Alex and Brody Collins
Chris and Saxon Copps
Michelle Cornell
Douglas Cortez
Mike Covington
Gordon Cowan
Crevier Family Foundation
Brian Cuff
Stephanie Curci
Katy Curry
Gary and Catherine Daichendt
Lara Dalian
Lee Takao and Sumiko Danbara
Dan and Judy Daniels
Laura Dardashti
Davis Toft Law
Dawson Cole Fine Art
Stacey Day
Patricio De la Cabada
Juan De Santiago
Michael De Santiago
Sandra De Santiago
Guy Debeavibres
Candice Defonso
Lisa Degroot
Rikki Delatorre
Jacqueline DeMaria
Christal Denning and Hector Uriarte
Dolores Dios
Erinne Dobson
Sotheary Domesek
Ted and Gisela Doniguian
Sean and Nicole Donnelly
Mingjun Dou
Maria Dozlic
Laurie Dubchansky
Aaron Duenez
Amy Dugdale
Ruth and Regis Dugue
Dean and Christy Dunlap
Karen Dunlap
James Dunlop
Eisner Foundation
Annabelle Elise
Kevin Ellingford
Kristy Emery
Giselle and Ted Enache
Christine Entress
Katy Eravci
Gary and Toby Espley
Steven Estrada
Debbi Faber
Adam Farino
John Farrell
Alexander and Alexandra Fedynsky
Brad Feldman
Candy Ferguson-Babcock
Deborah Finnerty
First American Home Warranty
First American NHD
Dave and Sandi Forrest
Dennis and Marcia Forsyth
David and Michelle Fortezzo
Bob Fox
Daniela Fox
Erik Franck
Matt Fuegy
Jolene Fuentes
Tami Gallarzo
Carrie Gardner
Taylor Garrett
Generations Escrow
George F.J. Hill Insurance Agency, Inc.
Ani Geragosian
Christina Ghanbarpour
Rosie Gharadaghian
Derek Gilliland
Golden West Home Watch
Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program
Good Culture
Rachael Gray
Jerry and Linda Gregory
Greg Griffin
Bob Guarrera
Rebecca Guise
Dahlia Gutierrez
Ray Haddad
Mike Hambarian
Richard and Teresa Hamm
Catherine Hands
Jim Hansen
Jason and Kim Hansen
Jojo Harmon
Ryan Harmon
Robert Harper
Bryan Harper
Grant Harrell
Spencer Harrell
Ann Harrison
Julian and Carrie Harvey
Amy Harvey
Rodney and Josette Hatter
Garnet Heraman
Alex Hernandez
Julian Hills
Jake Himelstein
Lisa Hine-Morrice
Stacy Holder
Jim Holder
Deborah Holland
Chris Holmes
Lavinia Homoreanu
John Hoover
Jerry and Renee Hornbeak
Elizabeth and George Houseweart
Cindy Huffaker
Mathew Hughes
John and Terry Hustwick
Gabe Ibanez
Christina Ithurburn
Walter Jacobs
Karen Jaffe
Mia Janson
Alec Javan
Matt and Robyn
Paula Jeska
Mike and Kathi Jesse
Francis and Patricia Jessoe
Rozann and Noel Johnson
Kamisha Johnson
Alison Jones
Dr. Mark Judy
Trent Junkin
Siff Kahan
Kevin Kaheback
William Kalbacher
Kenneth and Jan Kaplan
Jesse Kardon
John Karpierz
Harjeet Kaur
John and Sonia
Jeff Keeney
Bridget Kelly
Amanda Khong
Tracy Kilpatrick
Christian and Nancy Kim
Kim Naree
Kristi Knudsen
Lauren Kobayashi
Joshua Kyle Kreeger-Johnston
Zack Krone
Kumon Math and Reading Center of Foothill Ranch
Adrian and Elaine Kuyper
Aesun Kwon
Laguna Beach Tote Company
Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Kathryn Langston
Keith and Kathleen Langton
Kelsey Laroche
Jeffrey Lau
Donald and Jette Laws
Brett and Terri LeBarts
Richard Leger
Michele Lynn Leslie
Kathryn Levitta
Kristin Lewis
Mike and Cheryl Lewis
Duanjie Li
John and Lauren Liberati
Ryan Lindley
Jaci and Richard Lindstrom
Dana and Michael Linkletter
Edmond Liou and Shirley Show-Wing Wu
Lisa Jensen
Lance and Eiko Lissner
Allyson Liu
Liu Xilan
Christy Livingston
Anthony and Nailah Lockridge
Roland Loelkes
Samantha Lombardo
Jamie Lombardo
Michelle Longcore
Steve and Joseph Longo
Dave and Monica Look
Melissa and Preston Lopez
Lisett Lopez
Marily Lopez
Taylor Low
Peter Lowin
Marion and Ron Lucero
Lyssiemay Annoh
Mike and Ellen Mahoney
Eden Maisel
Jennifer Mallare
Arvinder Mann
Mona Manning
Kathy and John Marconi
Kathleen Marcus
Jon and Lisa Margolis
Jacquie and Chris Maroun
Tracine Marroquin
Cynthia Marshall
Angela Martin
Kyle Martin
Mathew Martindale
Andrey Mashentsev
Whitney Massey
Kathleen Masters
Justin Mata
Dawn Math
Kelly and Jim Mazzo
Kimberly Mazzo
Sarah McCartan
Bob McCollom
Karen McCulley
Jack McKeown and Colleen Grigg
Allison McLane
Karla McQuain
Andrew McSorley
Josh Meador
Ed Mecheal
Maritza Mejia
Joey Schneider and Laurie Miechowicz
Gretchen Miller
Browning Miller
Carrie and Tom Miller
Michelle and Kurt Miner
Sam Mitchell
Chip Monaco
Mike Monarch
Mike and Brenda Montgomery
Christopher Moore
Dena Mora
Karin Mora
Sean More
Patrick and Courtney Moran
Tiffany and Jeff Moran
Emily Moreno
Yolanda Moreno
Landi and Kirk Morgan
Sue and Rick Morton
Jackson and Judy Moses
Shel and Sandra Nankin
National Pacific Lending
Robert and Susan Neely
Scott Nestel
Dan Nolan
Nadine Nordstrom
Northern Bank Trust
Dr. Dave and Barbara Norton
Travis and Becca Nottberg
Vicky Novak
Roger Ohanesian and Eileen Smyth
Robert Ojeda
Igor and Clara Olenicoff
Jim Olmsted
Debra Olson
Jon O’Shell
Rachel Osofsky Rotabi
Kay Ostensen
Garrett and Linda Pack
Richard and Lauren Packard
Ilona Pak
Danny Panduro
Angela Papa
Yesenia Papile
Justin Park
Mara and Ron Paul
Paypal Giving Fund
Jeremy Pecharich
Virgina Pereria
Kara Perlis
Encie Peters
Wes and Fritz Peters
Petersen Family Foundation
David Peterson
Sharon Phelps and Whitney Zolna
Eric and Cynthia Phillips
Harold Phillips
Kathy Phillips
Matt Phillips
Bob and Marietta Philpott
Susan and Steven Pierce
Linda Pierce
Taylor and Jill Pillsbury
Palbo Pineda
Michael J. Pinto
Trevor Plant
Chad Plant
Michael Poirier
Elaine and John Pong
Kara Lee Poovey
Susan C. Prell
Dzana Primer
Charles Prince
Noel and Katrina Puffer
Rafael Quezada and Theresa Smith
Erwan and Lourdes DeQuillen
Edward Quinn
Tyler Racanelli
Bruce Radi
Hanz and Jennifer Radlein
Susan Rahyar
Ryan Raphael
Josh and Jenny Ray
Joseph and Vicki Reese
April Reese
Claudia Gabrielle Regen
Craig Reid
Bill Reimer
Michelle Reinglass
Tricia Reis
Greg Remillard
Richmont Corporation
Mitzi Rios
John Ritter
Jill Robbins
Charles Robinson
Ryan Rodriguez
Christine Rogers
Yadhira Rojas-Reynolds
Sheyna Rongong
Peggy Rose
Khadija Rouilli
Lisa Runyon
Abby Ryan and Cory Stowell
Elliot Sacks
Joseph Sacksteder
Talia Sadote
Lisa Sadowski
Vartan Saravia
Tyler Sasse
Chris Sauritch
Pete and Cathy Savage
Beth Saxe
Mike and Alaine Schlack
Lisa Schlaeger
Edward Schlatter
Greg Schneider
Kathy and Ron Schram
Dublin Schulte
Kelcy Schumacher
Theo Schuts
Scianimanico Scianimanico
Donna Rae Scott
Pam Selber
Kevin Serocke
Gabe Serrato-Buelna
Shen Mina
Jun Shen
Suzy Shidlovsky
Jim and Sandy Sieg
Benjamin Siegel and Alison Rosenbaum
Russell Simmle
Mark and Joyce Simon
Stephanie Simpson
Erin Slattery
Phillip Sliwoski
Mersades Sliwoski
Steven Sliwoski
Ed and Juanita Slymen
Alexa Small
Charles Smith
Jeannine Smith
Mikey Smith
Keohen Smith
Justin Soffa
Ken and Cindy Solomon
Nancy Solomon
Kasandra Soltman
Soroptimists International of Laguna Beach
SoCal Gas
Kendra Stansbury
Tyler Stirnus
Laura Stone
Emily Storc
Rick Struble
Patrick Stumps
Sun & Sail Womens Club
Karen Sunday
Gay Sutherland
Lynne Suzanski
Martin Suzman
Barb Swanson
Conor Patterson and Hailey Swanson Patterson
Scott and Cynthia Swensen
Chris Switzer
Todd Szilagyi
Kristin Tahler
Trevor Talpas
Mark Tapanes
Tate Hunter
Allen Taute
Leon and Holden Thayer-Glastone
The Aghajanian Family Charitable Foundation
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
The Cheryl B Mahru Family Trust
Patrick and Dianna Thomas
Karen Timmins
Tony’s Treehouse
Karl Tooley
Ann Tran
Rev. Patti Truman
Andy and Lyn Turner
JT Umberg
Augustine Ume-Ezeoke
United American Mortgage
United Way of Greater Los Angeles
Richard Upchurch
Katy Vandermost
Stephen Verstegen
Stephen Vertegen
John Veytia
Connie Visconte
Kostas and Alexandra Vitakis
Courtney Vondrak
Gaile Wage
Jason Walker
Dana Wallace
Jessica Watson
Gila Wdowinski
Kent Weed
Susan Weidhaas
Elaine Weinstein
Dustin Wertenberger
Jesse T Westgaard
Kevin and Rachelle Westman
Wallace Wethe
Robert Wheeler
Mike and Patti White
Melissa Whitworth
Michael Wiener
Nicola and Baron Willhoit
Kaitlin Willhoit
Ken Williams
Douglas Wilson
Caroline Wilson
Brian and Nadene Wisely
Bill Witte and Keiko Sakamoto
Nikki Wong
Tabatha Wood
Scott Woodard
Lauren Wright
Robin Yates
Peter Yoss
YourCause, LLC
Emily Yu
Marty Yuen
Leslie Zamora
Bart Zandbergen