1085 Laguna Canyon Rd, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


A Special Thank You!

We would like to thank all of our donors, listed below for their generous contributions that keep the doors of LB Boys & Girls Club open and enables us to offer the incredible array of programs to our children and teens.

We Certainly Couldn’t Do It Without Your Support!

Thank you to our Lifetime Giving Society Donors

These donors demonstrate a deep commitment to our Club by contributing a significant amount over their lifetime. These caring individuals are improving the future of our community by providing critical resources to help our Club implement successful programs and serve more young people.

Assistance League of Laguna

Harry and Sue Bithell

Boys & Girls Club of America

Dorene and Lee Butler

Butler Family Foundation

Charitable Ventures

City of Aliso Viejo

City of Laguna Beach

Jim and Vicki Click

Chantal Cloobeck

Stephen Cloobeck

Cox Communications

Crean Foundation

Donnie Crevier and Laurie Kraus

Diamond Resorts International

Draper Family Foundation

Nancy Farrand

Festival of Arts Foundation

William Gillespie

William Gross and Amy Schwartz

Carl Hagmier

Hexberg Family Foundation

Karen Jaffe

Jaffe Family Foundation

Gary and Betsy Jenkins

Laguna Beach Community Foundation

Laguna Beach Unified School District

Dick Lusk

M. Douglas Trust

Marisla Foundation

Massen Green Foundation

Peter and Helen Maxwell

Mission Regional Medical Center

Montage Laguna Beach

Nancy Myers

O.L. Halsell Foundation

Orange County Community Foundation

Orange County United Way

Phyllis and David Phillips

Linda S. Saville

Small Business Association

Philo and Diane Smith

State Street Foundation

Dave Stone

Keith Swayne

Theda and Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation

Tuttle-Click Automotive Group

Peter and Ginny Ueberroth

Ueberroth Family Foundation

Weingart Foundation

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Bob and Kristen Whalen

William and Mary Ross Foundation

William Gillespie Foundation

William, Jeff and Jennifer Gross Family Foundation

David and Holly Wilson

Wilson Automotive Group

Ray and Sandra Wirta

Joe and Gwen Ziomek

Thank you to our Heritage Club Donors

This national recognition group acknowledges the thoughtful individuals who have included the Boys & Girls Clubs of Laguna Beach in their estate plans. By providing a pipeline for future financial security, Heritage Club members ensure that our Club will continue to provide vital programs and guidance for youth in the future.

Peter & Nicole Anderson

Terry Anne Barman

Dan & Jenifer Burge

Dorene & Lee Butler Family Foundation

Mary E.F. Rachel Church

Donnie Crevier

Lelia C. Crevier

Brian Dessin Day

William & Christine Dolan

Damien Enriquez

Pamela & Tyrrell Estes

S. Brent Farhang

Bill & Mary Fischer

Keith & Julie Gallo

Mike & Laurie Hefty

Joan & David Howard

Mike & Lynne Lake

Kathryn Langston

Kelly & Jim Mazzo

Kay Metis & Mael Metis

John D. Morrissey

Margaret R. Murdy Trust

John Prichard

Christopher M. Quilter

April L. Rath

Michelle Ray

Michael & Carrie Reynolds

Ann & Stanley Roth

Monica & Anthony Silva

Donna L. Snow

Art & Kit Spaulding Living Trust

Iva Swayne

Keith & Judy Swayne

Bali Thorn

Peter & Ginny Ueberroth

Piero & Kristy Wemyss

Bob & Kirsten Whalen

Bill & Sharon Wood

Thank you to our Gold Club Donors

These donors have contributed significantly to the ongoing development of our community programs.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

City of Aliso Viejo

City of Laguna Beach

Jim and Vicki Click

Don Clurman and Mayra Arias

Donnie Crevier and Laurie Kraus

Mandi Dossin and Etienne Droulez

Ford Motor Fund

William Gross

Hexberg Family Foundation

Gary and Betsy Jenkins

Fred and Brenda Lopez

Marisla Foundation

Massen Greene Foundation

Danny and Jeri McKenna

Kenneth and Deborah Munro

Nancy Myers

O.L. Halsell Foundation

Orange County Community Foundation

Phyllis and David Phillips

Mark Porterfield and Steve Chadima

Province Group LLC

RBC Foundation USA

Carrie and Mike Reynolds

Linda S. Saville

John and Robin Shanahan

Subaru of America Foundation

Keith Swayne

The William and Mary Ross Foundation

Theda & Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation

Tuttle-Click Automotive Group

Ueberroth Family Foundation

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

William, Jeff and Jennifer Gross Family Foundation

David and Holly Wilson

Ray and Sandra Wirta

Thank you to our Donors—A tiered list

The Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach would like to thank all of our donors. No amount is too small to have an impact to on our youth.

Platinum Donors


Wolfram Blume

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

CA Covid Relief Program

City of Laguna Beach

Jim and Vicki Click

Carrie Click

Crest Insurance

Donnie Crevier and Laurie Kraus

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Carl Hagmier

Hexberg Family Foundation

Kurt and Wendy Koch

Laguna Beach Community Foundation

Marisla Foundation

Massen Greene Foundation

Montage Laguna Beach

Nancy Myers

Craig and Amy Nickoloff

O.L. Halsell Foundation

Orange County Community Foundation

Phyllis and David Phillips

School Power

Schwab Charitable Fund

Sue Gross Foundation

Keith Swayne

The H.S. Lopez Family Trust

The William and Mary Ross Foundation

Tuttle-Click Automotive Group

Vanguard Charitable

Ray and Sandra Wirta

Joe and Gwen Ziomek

Gold Donors

Aetna Foundation

Terry and Kristie Anderson

Peter and Nicole Anderson

Applied Medical

Assistance League of Laguna

Erica Austin

Jimmy Azadian

Omar Bengali

Bill Blackburn

Christopher and Rani Braun

Dr. Paul and Karen Brower

California Department of Social Services

Michael and Cassandra Calkins

Cox Communications, Inc.

Jeff Dash

Dhont Family Foundation

Jason and Laura Duko

Laguna Beach Properties

Edison International—Matching Gift Program

Edwards Lifesciences Foundation

Ellingson Family Fund

Festival of Arts Foundation

Ford Motor Fund

Alan and Susan Fuerstman

William Gillespie

Joe and Jane Hanauer

George Heed

Christina and Rob Henderson

Karen Jaffe

Jaffe Family Foundation

Steven and Shelly Jaksch

Jatain Foundation

Gary and Betsy Jenkins

JP Morgan Chase

John Kahal

Mark Karpenko

Kiwanis Club of Lake Forest Foundation Account

Jason LeVecke

Linda I. Smith Foundation

Lugano Diamonds

Nancy Lusk and Mike Smith

MacGillivray Family Foundation

Ayesha and Robin Mahapatra

Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center

Newth Morris and Claudia Villamizar

Michael and Linda Mussallem

John and Karen Nootbaar

J Duross O’Bryan

Offield Family Foundation

Gary and Nancy Pickett

Province Group LLC

Randall Family Foundation

RBC Foundation USA

Redfern Gallery

Kirk and Daisy Reidinger

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.

Pamela Rosenau

Sean and Laura Sauers

Linda S. Saville

John and Tamara Schaefer

John and Robin Shanahan

Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation

Scott Summer

Swift Real Estate Partners

The Albertsons Companies Foundation

Ueberroth Family Foundation

US Bank

US Bank Foundation

William Gillespie Foundation

David and Holly Wilson

Woravka Family Foundation for Children

Silver Donors

Cheyenne Alred

American Endowment Foundation

Archarios Foundation

George and Ani Azadian

Julie and Tom Bailey

Joe Baker

Rick Balzer

Bank of America Charitable Foundation- Matching Gifts

Ray Bedford

Chuck and Terri Benson

Brad and Erica Berberian

Dennis and Carol Berryman

Beau and Brandee Bianchi

Jeffrey and Martha Blue

Kelly and Michelle Boyd

Kevin and Cindy Budde

Burge Corporation

CA Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs

Jeffery and Amy Calvert

John L. Campbell,CPCU

Jeff Cannon

David and Suzanne Carroll

Dennis Carruth

Dave and Shelly Carter

Sean Chawla

Doug Cirbo

Bobbi Cox

Dave and Trish Csira

Diane Cuniff

Davis Law APC

Leslie and Tom DeVore

DollarDoc Inc.

Robert Dowdell

Deana Duffek

Duley Bolwar Pederson

Jennifer and Joe John Duran

Pamela and Tyrrell Estes

Kasey and Brian Fahey

Alexander Fedynsky

David and Kathryn Flattum

Mark and Michelle Foley

Ted and Linda Fouts

Keith and Julie Gallo

Gallo Corporation

Nikita and Sanjeev Ganatra

Ronny Gim

Jeff and Debbie Glass

Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program

Warren and Tina Haines

Jennifer Halbert

Elizabeth Hanauer and Paul Pohoresky

Ron and Ellen Pickler Harris

John Hensley

Julie and Daniel Hile

Fritz Hitchcock

Robert and Michelle Jackson

Joe and Susan Jahraus

Jewish Communal Fund

Michele Jewitt

Johnson and Stacy King

Angelina Kirkpatrick


Laguna Presbyterian Church

Donald and Jette Laws

Mary E Lee

Ron and Sandra Livingston

William Lobel

Lockton Companies

James Lowe

Greg and Barbara MacGillivray

Amy Mack

Mike and Ellen Mahoney

Jim Malloy

Jon and Lisa Margolis

Connie Maxsenti

Paige McDaniel


Mary and Bob Miller

Bob and Stephanie Mister

Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

MUFG Union Bank Foundation – Corporate Social Responsibility

Sarah and Trevor Murphy

National Community Renaissance (National CORE)

Davis Nguyen

Nick Nickoloff

Bill and Theresa O’Hare

Joe O’Neill

Sheila Parker

Julie Perlin Lee

Robert Peters

Pickford Realty Cares

Cheryl Post

Privacy Real Estate Services

Rafael Quezada

Christopher Quilter

Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Richardson

Danielle and Jeff Roedersheimer

Stephen and Jennifer Roop

Rotary Club of Laguna Beach

Kent  and Christine Russell


San Diego Foundation

Stephen Schroeder

Carole and Adelbert Stagg

Hayley and Daniel Spain

Jim and Kim Stowell

Scott and Cynthia Swensen

Laura Tarbox

Tate Hunter

Virginia Templeton

The Empire Diamond Co.

Terri Trinidad

Melissa Vemilya

Meghan MacGillivray and Louis Weil

Glenn Wellig

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Jon I White

Janet and Richard White

Dave and Betty Whiting

Worah Family Foundation

Parisa Zarbafian and Tony Powrzanas

Bronze Donors

Stuart and Cathy Adair

Maryanne Adler

Howard Ahern

Abel Alcantar

Jasmine Alexander

Rebecca Alexis

Hamid Al-Hakeen

Dan and Holly Allan

Cindy Alonge

Laurie Alter

Kristina Amante

AmazonSmile Foundation

George and Barbara Ampagoomian

Bukeka Anderson

Christy Anderson

Keka Anderson

Larry and Janet Anderson

Jay and Gertrud Andrus


Antis Roofing & Waterproofing Foundation

Cherie and Tom Aplin

Arabella Laguna, LLC

David and Randy Armendariz

Kelly Ashby

August Real Estate Enterprises

Nadia Babayi

Brenton and Diane Babcock

Asal Bahrami

Colleen Bailey

Arthur Bailon

Ryan Ball

JJ and Andrea Ballesteros

Marielena Banks

Terry Anne Barman

Lisa Barnes

Stephanie and Brad Barnes

Julie Barnes

Keri and Paulo Barriga

Kevin Barrow

Tasha Bass

Tammella Becker

Kay Becknell Jones

Belo Blow Dry Bar

Benevity Inc.

Ben Benjamin

Laura and Dan Benson

Jonathan Benumof

John and Lynne Bernard

Erin Berryman

Joseph and Helen Bevacqua

Nancy and Gary Beverage

Daniel Bibb, Jr.

Jerry Bieser

Staci and Tim Bina

Wade Binley

Lea Birdsong

Harry and Sue Bithell

Jason and Sharon Blaeser

Sean Blake

Dain Blanton

David Bloom

Angel Bohorquez

Brodie Bojorquez

Jim and Tookie Boka

Robert and Vicki Borthwick

Eric Paul and Nikisa Honarkar Bostwick

Dennis and Choo Choo Boyer

David Boyle

Christine Branscombe

Gary and Kelly Bridge

Raymond Briggs

Kelsi Briggs

Paul Brinkman

Gerald Brisson

Tiffany Brosnon

Mac Brown

Greg and Monique Brown

Steve and Wendy Brown

Violet Brown

Deejay Brown

Gracelynn Bryant

Katie Bui

Brett and Tori Burge

Kalie Burkle

Judith Burnett

Arolyn Burns

Nancy and David Bushnell

California Sporting Goods Association

Jon Calmes

Greg Calmes

David Canzoneri

Marcia Carpenter

John and Elizabeth Carpino

Caroline Carson

Faye Cartmale

Jennie Cartmale

Joseph Casio

Tania and Steve Cassill

Sandy Castillo

Megan Cauley

Danielle Cavallucci

Susan Cavka

Esther Cervantes

Butch and Eileen Chadick

Sunim Chambers

Don and Marybeth Chapman

Charitable Ventures

Meredith Chase

Athena Chiera

Ron and Frances Chilcote

Gina Chironis

Devin and Jessica Chodorow

Steve Christian

Christine M. Devarenne Property

Jim and Judi Chudzicki

Don Cianto and Angela Kewish

Darrell Clark

Greg Clemmer

Catherine Coberly

Wayne and Patricia Cody

Molly Coghill

Blake Coleman

Alex Collins

Edison Cook

Heather Coons

David and Lisa Corcoran

CR&R Incorporated

Frank Cronin and Susan Gardner


Michael Czerniachowski

Christal Daehnert

Gary and Catherine Daichendt

Jim Dailey

Dana Danet

Nick Darby

Kevin Flora and Kimberly Daskas

Debra Davis

Davis Toft, A Professional Corporation

Dawson Cole Fine Art

Nirmala Dayalan

Nicole De Pasquale

Jason DeBretteville

Dali Despotovic

Kathy Destefano

Jim Dickerman

Cherry and Alex Dickinson

Elizabeth Diederich

Sandra Diesel

Rhonda Doerr

Ted and Gisela Doniquian

John and Linda Dorr

Daniela Dos Santos

Thomas and Cleo Dougherty

Anne Marie Doyle

Tracee Dozier

Tom Drasler

Laurie Dubchansky

Ruth and Regis Dugue

Chris Duncan

Gail Duncan

Naomi Duncan

Dean Dunlap

Duttenhofer Advisory Group

Lucas Dyer

Dave Dyssegard

Elena Edelman

Steve and Jill Edwards

Amber Williams

Ryan Edwards

Evan Eeds

Jonathon Egan

Carolyn Ehret

Debbie Elgas

Christiane Engel

Amy Enos

Gretchen Enright

Christine Entress

Gill Entress

Wicky Entress

Andrew Erlichman


European Optical Inc.

Kris Evans-Degen

David Ewig

Jim Farbaniec

Desiree Farey

Rich and Patti Farina

Bernadette Fazio and Trent Jones

P Fazio

Dana Feltman

Andrew Fertig

John Fidone

Peter and Deborah Finnerty

First American NHD

First Class Glass

Mary Betty Fisher

Sonya Fiske

Maggie Flornes

Dave and Sandi Forrest

Dennis and Marcia Forsyth

David and Michelle Fortezzo

Howard Fox

Bob Fox

Brian Fracalosy

Julie Francis

Doug Frazier

Leighton and Tony French

Marcia French

Dennis Fritchman

Richard and Elyse Froehlich

Jennifer Froehlich


Cathy Fry

Jolene Fuentes

Richard Fulgoni

Michelle Gallo

Ganahl Lumber

Najma Gandhi

Jessica Gannon

Gap Foundation

Judith Garman

Generations Escrow

Karlie George

George F.J. Hill Insurance Agency, Inc.

Victoria Gerard

Geoff and Deborah Glass

Inge Goericke Bunn

Jane Golden

Golden West Moving, Inc.

Nancy Golub

Elvia Gomez

Desiree Gomez

Good360 US

Khrystofer Grable

Cynthia Graves and Ed Smith

Greater Horizons

Dan Greenwood

Bill Geenwood

Greg Frock and Jane Leary

Debra Grieb

Rona Gromet

Kristi Groom

Kelly Guerrero

William and Barbara Guettler

Reuben Gulledge

Gwaltney Family Trust

Todd Haclley

Carla Hagen

Jackson Hahn

Dalene Hamer

Richard and Teresa Hamm

Wolf Hanke

Joan Hansen

Leif Hanson

Hanson Family Foundation

Bryan Haines

Nadine Hare

Ryan Harmon

Jojo Harmon

Christina Harmon

Sandpiper Lounge

Jeana Harrell

Kenneth Harris

Dave and Lori Hart

Danyale Hart

Rodney and Josette Hatter

Robert Hayes

Robert M. Hays

Howard Hayslett

Kristyne Hebert

Lance Heck

Joshua Henderson

Janet Herkelrath

Stacy Higashi

Erin and Michelle Highberg

Andrew Hinsch

Stacy Holder

Scott Holt

Beverly J. Holt

Rachel Hooper

Jerry and Renee Hornbeak

Paula Hornbuckle and Brad Arnold

Katie and Mike Houlahan

Annette Hug

John and Terry Hustwick

Monserrat Ibarra

Milena and Markus Imhof

John and Rosalie Irish

Michael and Kelsey Irvin

Bob Jackson

Jack Jakosky

Sonia Jamin

Nickole Jean

Les Jenison

Karen Jenks

Lance and Natasha Jensen

Francis and Patricia Jessoe

Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego

Mark and Sharon Jillson

Noel Johnson

Lorraine Johnson

Kauwila Johsens

Pallie Jones

Sandra Jones

Dr. Korey Jorgensen, MD

Frank Joseph

Jessica Joseph

Dr. Mark Judy

Kari Kahal

Kahl Investments

William Kalbacher

Kenneth and Jan Kaplan

Oleksandr Karasyk

Julia Katrine Alger

Terry Kelleman

Jim Kennelly

Kelly Kibbey

Marisol Kiefer

Annie Kilroy

Andrew Kincare

Priscilla Kirkeby

David Koffs

Erlene Kolnes


Adrian and Elaine Kuyper

Barbara Bowler

Laguna Real Estate

Jasa Laliberte

Gail Landau

Kathryn Langston

Keith and Kathleen Langton

Paul Laos

Kelsey Laroche

Cynthia and Hans Laroche

Richard and Katie Larson

Cynthia Lasater

Brian Lathrope

Miki Latimer

Angela Lavelle

Brett and Terri LeBarts

Kara Lee

Christine Lee

Cookie Lee

Ben Leger

Patricia Lenahan

Donna Levine

Kelly Lewis

Richard and Tracey Leyvas

Rich Linder

Marshall and Joyce Linn

Diana Lin

Lance Lissner

Nicole Lloyd

Brent Llyod

Locals for Laguna

David and Joni Loechner

Gaetano LoGrande

Monica Look

Paula Lopes

Los Angeles Harbor Grain Terminal

Jacob Loveless

Marion and Ron Lucero

Amanda MacAllister

Carmen MacDonald

Bruce and Celine MacMillan

Miles and Alison Mahoney

Sean and Sandra Mahoney

Sharon Maister

Ron Majorino

JD Maldonado

Maria Mancilla

John Mannone

Bibiana Manzur

Mares Foundation

Roberta Margolis

Jacquie Maroun

Jennifer Marshall

Sandy Marshall

Dan Martin

Vincente and Susan Mas

Justin Mata

Dolores Mata

Dick and Carol Maxwell

James and Mary May

Kelly and Jim Mazzo

Karen McCulley

Nikki McDonald

Barbara McGoffin

Sylvia McGoffin

Adaleen McHale

Richard McIntire

Clark McIsaac

Anne Marie McKay

Darrell and Connie McKibban

Dr. Jane McMahon

Lawson Mead

Scott and Marci Mednick

John and Kimberly Ann Melikian

Kari and Timothy Menter

Jennifer and Sean Merritt

Paula Meyer

Larry Midler

Jeannie Miles

Heidi Miller

Gretchen Miller

Generations Escrow

Kayla Milosch

Emil Miorelli

Miguel Mirano

Andrew Misner

Leslie Anne Mogul

Liam Monaghan

Steve Monroe

Montage International Hotels & Resorts, LLC

Christopher Moore

Michael Moran

Lisa Morrice

Sue and Rick Morton

Jackson and Judy Moses

Clay Mottern

Mike Munzing

Natalie Naderi

Mayumi Nagakura and David Dyrnaes

Shel and Sandra Nankin

National Philanthropic Trust

Valerie Navarrete

Network for Good

Joelle Nguyen

Tom Nielsen

Roger and Carol Nilsen

Laurence Nokes

Jamie Norris

Laura Norris

Northern Bank Trust

Dr. Dave Norton, DDS

Derek Oatway

Obrand Law Group

Igor Olenicoff

Adriana and Eric Olsen


Orange County United Way

George and Sharon Orff

Andrew Orr

Marc and Ellie Ortiz

Cheryl Osborne

Garrett and Linda Pack

Richard and Lauren Packard

Pamela Shaffer Law

John Peter Panozzo

Justin Park

Susan Parmelee

Chris Parson

Patrick Lau Insurance Agency

Ron Patterson

Mara and Ron Paul

Nick Aldridge

Carole Pederson

Larry and Julie Pendleton

Ryan Penhall

Shabnam Penry

Jim and Dee Perry

Encie Peters

Kori Peters

Petersen Family Foundation

David and Linda Peterson

Jenee Peterson

Cottie and Colin Petrie-Norris

Eric Phillips

Shanna Phillips

Bob and Marietta Philpott

Linda Pierce

Victoria Pike

Jose Pinera

Donata Plumley

Points of Lights Foundation

Pamela Polzin

Elaine and John Pong

First American Home Warranty

Rafael Pozas

Erwan and Lourdes DeQuillen

Edward Quinn

Kat Quinn

Real Estate Signs & Supplies

Hanz and Jennifer Radlein

Erica Rahall

Itzel Ramirez

Starlite Randall

Josh and Jenny Ray

Carole Reagan and Chris Riehle

Chris Reams

E. Scott and Andrea Reckard

Jeffrey Redeker

Jason Redmond

Bill Reimer

Richard Reisman

Richmont Corporation

Dwight and Holly Robinson

Alan Robinson

Sandra Rodriguez

Mario Rodriguez

Kirsten Rogers

James and Kate Rogers

Rebecca Romine

Ali and Robin Rounaghi

April Ross

Karol R Kennedy Rudolph

Rosiland Russell

Mark Russell

Bridget Ryan

Kelly Ryan

Mary Ryan

Abby Ryan

Shaheen Sheik Sadhal

Scott and Jill Sanchez

Bob and Connie Sanchis

Sandra Howarth Trust

Andrea Sands

Gary and Sally Sartor

Scott and Melissa Saville

Shaun and Julie Saville

Sofia Sawitz

Beth and Lucas Saxe

Michael Scales

Michelle and James Scarcelli

Deborah Schlesinger

Denise Schuler

Tara Seery

Jim and Janet Segner

Bill Senteno

Wally Shao

Sean and Leanne Sheward

Rick and Kathy Shoemaker

Patricia Short

Jessica Shubin

Benjamin Siegel and Alison Rosenbaum

Anne Silsby

David Simkin

Mark and Joyce Simon

Brandon Sjulin

Morris and Stephany Skenderian

Tim Dara Sladeck

Ed and Juanita Slymen

Eric Smith

Miriam Smith

Amos and Kimberly Smith

SoCal Gas

Art and Kit Spaulding

Dr. Michael Spitzer

State Street Foundation, Inc.

Roxanne Steinbrecher

Walter Stender

Stephens, Reidinger & Beller, LLP

Judith Stern

Jessie Stevens

Udo and Ann Stoeckmann

Structures A- Consulting Company, Inc.

Paula Stussy

Jim and Violet Sugi

Annette Sulivan

Annette Sulivan

Sun & Sail Womens Club

Superior Real Estate Network

Surterre Properties

Rau Sutton

Lara Sweet

Chris Switzer

Cindi Switzer

Dan and Betsy Tarbell

Dan Tarman

Ben Tate

Nicolle Taylor

Chris Tebbutt and Bob Fouhy

Mark Tehrani

Emy and Tony Terusa

The Allen Family Trust

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

The Bone Adventure

The Cheryl B Mahru Family Trust

The Daniel and Francine Scinto Foundation

The Termite Guy

Robin Thomas

WIlliam Tinen

Chris Tinene

Stephen Tinen

Top of the World PTA

Kristine Torrance

H. Tran and K. Phalanusondhi

David Trujillo

Rev. Patti Truman

Andy and Lyn Turner

Sam Uisprapassorn

United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Lisa Vanderbeek

Thomas Vegh

Ron Ventenilla

Carolina Vergara

Malena Lyles

Tim and Lea Vermilya

Nadine Viseth

Kostas Vitakis

Richard and Sandy Vogel

Shelly and Bill Volner

Eugene and Jane Vosika

Hayley Walker

Jason Walker

Wally Shao Insurance Agency Inc.

Maria Walters

Margaret Warder and Steve Johnson

Ben and Kirsten Warner

Jessica Watson

Chris Watson

Gila Wdowinski

Todd and Jane Weaver

Dylan Weston

Wallace and Nancy Wethe

Matthew McKinnon Whipple

Victoria Whittaker Skarman

Keith Wilford

Nicola and Baron Willhoit

Ken Williams

Tom Williams

Giulietta and John Wilson

Janet and Billy Wilson

Sydney and Julie Winter

Brian and Nadene Wisely

Wilson and Jessie Wong

Dennis Wong

Nick Wyman

Peter Yoss

Bart Zandbergen

Michael Zavala

Zero Defects Fabrications Consultants

Rob and Robin Zur Schmiede